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Re: About You (Introduce yourself in this topic)

Postby Marco6661 » Thu, 18Jan11 18:27

Elminster wrote:Hi everyone !
I'm french, 35 years old. [img]images/icones/icon15.gif[/img]

Bonjour Elminster et bienvenue sur le forum,

Tu m'as envoyé un MP auquel je ne peux malheureusement pas répondre car ta boite mail n'est pas activée.
Merci de faire le nécessaire et de me contacter à nouveau quand tout sera en ordre.

@Shark & admins:
Sorry if I spam the thread... :??: :(
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Re: About You (Introduce yourself in this topic)

Postby constantine » Sat, 18Jan13 13:32

Hello everyone. I registered so I could post something about Saving Chloe. Anything else about me I will leave as a mystery. A very sexy mystery.
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Re: About You (Introduce yourself in this topic)

Postby Ratts11 » Mon, 18Jan22 22:49

Hi, 34 and from UK. Found this site and forum ages ago and used it regularly, but only now registering to compliment Tlaero and Mortze on the final portion of their Chloe game series
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