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game like weird science existence

PostPosted: Tue, 16Jan05 00:51
by Skelaturi
Felt that the sexy games section is more for something like confirmed games. That is why i decided to post it here. Its a question after all. So just finished up (again) with watching the 80's movie "weird science" and afterwards i thought to myself with the aif and other game types out there, is there a game similar to the movie or tv series out there? If yes where can i find it? If no, why not? (the latter question about why not is probably hard to answer).

Hope someone helps me out with the question, thanks in advance.

edit: Extra. Clarification the movie series is about 2 geeks who create the perfect woman out of pictures from magazines etc. with their computer/ But they get more they get a charming woman with the power to grant wishes and help with their geeky life. Help with getting the girl to be in love with, help with a bully of a brother and being a bit more popular. While of-course also being a bit more troublesome by doing things a bit more chaotic with her powers. At-least she means well.