next game?

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Re: next game?

Postby LRM » Mon, 21Apr26 17:00

To any and all English/American users.
Shark needs your help. I feel very bad that I've let him and all of you down.
I live on 3 wooded acres. My Lady is a tree lover and handles most of the outdoor maintenance (she will not uproot nor mow over any damned tree). We have been here for about 30 years (the mortgage is almost paid off). My home is surrounded by far too many large trees. A fire breaking out will turn my home to ash! I have started to remove all trees that I feel are a threat to my home. I've made a small dent but have a great of work ahead of me. She can provide no physical help. These trees are large enough to fall on and severely damage the house should any fall toward and strike it. I use a cable to tension them in the direction they need to fall and carefully cut a notch and hinge. So far there have been no errors in falling them (Thank you, Lord). I have barely made any progress. It is HARD work and this 70-year-old frame is protesting. Most days when I sit down to relax and recuperate I'm asleep. I don't think I can devote the time or work needed for a good translation. I too offer a plea for someone's help.
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Re: next game?

Postby john milton » Wed, 21Apr28 15:27

It's nice to read you again Lou, I guess I can speak for everybody who ever played a game of Shark's: you haven't let anyone down. You're one of the pillars of this forum, and you made Shark's games available for tens of thousands of english speaking players during these years. You've nothing to feel sorry about, we're just grateful for your work and your commitment.
Please, your house is the top priority right now, I hope everything works out just fine. Take care of your dear 70-year-old frame, your 3 wooded acres and your wife. I can provide help while you're busy. I'm not a native speaker, but I think I can manage.
Take care and stay safe,

john milton
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Re: next game?

Postby Rikwar » Thu, 21Apr29 06:18

Hi Lou
John summed up pretty much what I was thinking and again you have not let anybody down, but just shows what a caring and devoted man you are, I sure wish we lived closer together and able to give you a hand clearing those trees, you priorities are well founded your home your wife are what matters the most [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]

TC my friend ;)
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