Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby LRM » Mon, 11Oct31 00:20

@ Loup Garou;
I downloaded all of them and Arnulf's walkthroughs (Must keep Shark collection complete).
I've seen all the walkthroughs. Just not my idea of a loving relationship. If I need hurt my partner to make her happy, I need a different partner. If I need hurt her to make me happy she needs a new partner.
Alancy (IMO) doesn't think or speak for herself (regardless of partner's sex). If that was what I needed in a relationship a blow-up doll would suffice (IMO).
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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby Trucla » Mon, 11Oct31 01:08

OK, I think it is time for stating my opinion. And I start by endorsing what LRM said in his two last posts in this thread, with just two slight differences: I've only started playing Desire and Submission I, giving up when starting to see what was going on; and didn't see any walkthrough, simply because I've never used one; some clever tips yes but never walkthroughs.

I've always been against domination! And believe me I know what I'm talking about. Ages ago in Paris I started a relationship with a very attractive young woman, and after a couple of encounters, we finally went to my flat and to bed together. While in the foreplay things went normally. But once reached the time for the real thing (and believe me we were both very excited) she refused it. Not being the kind of a forcing guy I asked why. And in her reply she insinuated (just insinuated) that she deserved to be strongly slapped on her face. So, nothing done! Some time later we met again and the scene was exactly the same. And God and the Devil know how much I desired that woman. Instead I simply cut off the relationship.

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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby Bonhomie » Fri, 11Nov04 19:30

shark wrote:And Martin...
His duty is to serve Malfort and Florian. He is a very interesting character because he is mysterious and he doesn't show his feelings... Maybe he is secretly in love with Alancy ... or... Florian......

....... or Li-Ann ................ or shouldn't I have said that
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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby Squeeky » Fri, 11Nov04 22:34

Bonhomie? That woman seems a bit odd, like is she bi, pure lesbian, or a lesbian who also gets pleasures voyeur pleasures from heterosexual activity as well?
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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby petuchi13 » Fri, 11Nov25 08:39

Been away from the board for a while and just had to reply to this topic based on my experiences in the BDSM genre of things. I'm not meaning this to be harsh or judgemental, but I feel I have to say this for all of those who give BDSM a bad rap: BDSM is not for everyone, and for those who do not grasp the
inherant abstract qualitites of it, it is decidedly not for you. BDSM is soooo much more than hitting, beating, or the usage of implements of torture or pain (and realistically, IMHO, the above named elements should rarely [and in the case of the first two mentioned, never] be used). As in the case of Trucla's misadventures with this woman, anyone who thinks that they NEED to be struck as part of a sexual experience and/or a venture into BDSM, that person probably needs to be psychologically examined.
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Re: Shark's Lagoon Crossover Game

Postby NaughtyButNice » Fri, 12Jan20 03:12

I really would like to see a crossover, especially between the Wendy and D&S series .. but I really do understand if much people doesn't like the BDSM scences and I have no problem with.
When I playe D&S 1 the frist time, I was shocked, because I ended up in the basement and saw the whiping scene between Martin and Li-Ann. Maybe it was too much at this time for my children eyes [img]smile/angel.gif[/img] but I was curious and wanted to see what's happen if I don't end up in the basement.
I think the story of D&S is very interesting, even if I really hate some scences, but it's just still a game. So I wouldn't mind if there MAY is a crossover between the Wendy and D&S series (as a example) withouth any whiping, slapping scences and so on.
I think it must be funny if Wendy would tease Martin *giggles gloatingly*
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