Walkthru: Morning Tempations

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Re: Walkthru: Morning Tempations

Postby satanz » Mon, 10Sep06 10:19

Lilith = brunette
Mallory = blonde

Lilith Scene

1 Click by ear
2 Click arm
3 Click nipple
4 click tit and when you get curser back click blanket (at top, at arm)
5 Click ear (she will roll over)
6 Click pussy area (she will rub)
7 after clicking pussy area (when you get curser back) click around pussy area while she

is rubbing herself
8 Click her side (scene change)
9 Click pussy
10 Click left breast, (when curser is back) click right breast
11 Click pussy and click leg at same time
she will move her leg
12 Click pussy
13 Click phone on table (she will get a phone call from a Mallory

let phone call end

At Computer with Mallory

1. choose about the sexy show
2. I really want to see more of you
3. sacrifice and keep both hands on desk (she will take top off)
4. talk about the transparent bra
5. terribly, that makes you irresistable, does underwear match (she will take skirt off)
6. Oh man, I just lifted my desk 10 inches
7. So you will enjoy showing me your breasts (she will take bra off)
8. this time I turned my desk over
9. I am on my way
10. pleasure with finger
11. clit is begging
12. love to carress her tits

Moves to Bedroom with both Girls

Dark hair Girl
1. click face. Lilith
2. click right leg (top). Lilith
3. click other side of right leg. Lilith
4. click right tit. Lilith
5. click pussy. Lilith
6. click right tit. Mallory
7. click lips (they kiss). Lilith
8. click left tit. Lilith

9. click Mallory right tit
10. finger Lilith
11. Mallory tastes finger and regain curser and finger Lilith again
12. rub Mallory stomach and quickly (when curser returns) finger Mallory

Not sure this is the only ending to this but it is one that will get you through the game

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Re: Walkthru: Morning Tempations

Postby seyfi » Fri, 10Sep10 20:27

I think You have found it

There is no other end ......... i think

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Re: Walkthru: Morning Tempations

Postby Ilovegspot » Sun, 11Jan09 00:20

Great.. thank you, Satanz!
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