Dear Shark

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Re: Dear Shark

Postby gam0rrr » Sat, 11Feb26 19:05

Dear Shark,

I would like to just take this time to thank you for all your hardwork you're putting in to make such fantastic games, I think it's great that your dedicating your time to create such good games for us and develope them in to such fantastic storylines and scenes for us to enjoy. I'm not sure this is an appropriate place for this thread but i figured if needs be it could be moved. Anyway, thanks for everything, not only you but all your helpers behind the scenes as well, you keep this a nice tidy place to be and its very enjoyable to be a member here. Keep up with the good games, can't wait to play them in the future too.

P.S: Anybody else is more than welcome to add there posts of gratitude to all the creators and helpers of the Sharks Lagoon.

Thanks again!

- gam0rrr
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Re: Dear Shark

Postby lucky loser » Tue, 11Mar15 12:04

It should go without saying, but yes, cheers!
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