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Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 12Apr22 00:13
by David ... ching.html

Milly's in it, but she isn't the main focus.

Nice work once again rkshooter.


Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 12Apr22 01:48
by Squeeky
Forget the story line for a moment.
RKShooter has always presented great graphics but it seems to me that he has been experimenting with his techniques and very much refined his sets.
When something would normally be out of focus as one would view it in reality that has been captured (things like framed artwork and the TV image when the girl is the prime focus).

Considering text placement, I did find it very easy to follow the flow of the story line, the font size was good and intrusive.

As to Greebo's text, it read smoothly and carried the storyline (it did seem a little like a "guided tour" - now, over here we have ... but I think that is fine since we are supposed to be meshing with the girl's thoughts, what she is experiencing).

The collaboration has resulted in a great piece of work. [img]images/icones/icon7.gif[/img]

Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Sun, 12Apr22 13:42
by Greebo
Thanks for not completely slating my verbiage, Squeeky! I should probably have made drastic use of the eraser, but once I had come to terms with the mindboggling fact that RKS had emailed me that great set of renders and had given me free reign (rein?) to supply the storyline, my mind went into "Hamster Wheel" mode! Part of my thinking is revealed by a PM I sent him shortly after receiving the set:
I've just finished my first viewing! What was on the TV? The Hot Porn channel showing Milly and the Five Clones -- or are they quintuplets? That entire sequence hardly needs a single word to carry it off, although I'll have a think and see if I can come up with something more sensible than a narration by the lucky wine bottle!

See? I couldn't even count at that stage and saw more clones than there actually were!

Eventually I decided that the best approach would be a "stream of consciousness" one, where her thoughts brought explanation where necessary to link the scenes into a coherent whole, but as you can tell, I am more used to using words to set the scene rather than having the scene laid out and just requiring comparatively terse thoughts or speech to round things off.

What you see is my first draft, essentially unmodified, as it came to me, and although I offered to edit or change it, RKS has obviously decided to go with it as is, including the frame I rather cheekily Gimped together of an RHJ Publishing, "Pornucopia Productions" experimental DVD in a player tray (blame me for that not very polished .jpg!)

Is it just me, or is RKS getting better and better? In this endeavour I feel like I'm riding on the shoulders of a giant -- it's quite an experience!

Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Tue, 12May01 10:57
by cruiser
funny story...but the art is quiet awesome....much moore detailed(?)
it really looks like RK gets better.....maybe? LOLlollol

Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Thu, 12May10 16:18
by Stev-23
Is there any idea to create a part II for the 'HOT TUB'?

This story is unbelievable sexy... anyone?

Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Fri, 12May11 03:02
by rkshooter
Thanks for posting. I did the Hot tub Fantasy to allow short story renderings to be done where there would not need to be a link between each submission.
That be said I have a second and third story about fantasies in the works as well as the next Milly episode. I also started a thrid fantasy story but it is in the very early stages. Please feel free to PM me a fantasy story you might like to see rendered. I just might have you write the dialog [img]images/icones/icon13.gif[/img]

Re: Girl Watching - New from rkshooter

PostPosted: Wed, 12May16 20:23
by Chappers
Keep up the good work RKS, I look forward to your next instalment :)