Statistics on games?

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Statistics on games?

Postby spitzertyp » Mon, 11May02 18:26

Hey shark!
A question appeared while i was thinking which of ur games i like to play once again:
do u have any statistics on which games are played (on how many times?
not personalized or anything, just to see f ex "ah, ha3 has been played 3458times, des&sub 2454times" or something like that??

i don't have a clue (and the knowing bout tech-things) if thats possible such easily. And IF, if u would be interested in.
and if it would be of any help - which i don't think.
Just a question. Cuz i asked myself which game of urs I played most... Suggestion is HA1 and the HA3 sequel...and of course "sensual expirement"...
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Re: Statistics on games?

Postby shark » Mon, 11May02 22:45

It's an interesting question. Frankly, I never sought to know how much times the games were played on the lagoon because I think that they are played much more on the other websites. Many lagooners arrived here after having found a game on another site.
But if the lagooners are interested, I can put a meter on the games...
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Re: Statistics on games?

Postby gnac » Tue, 11May17 14:38

yea i would like to see game statistics also
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Re: Statistics on games?

Postby lucky loser » Thu, 11Jul21 06:49

I'm curious too. Like others I have favorites I play over and over again.

Maybe the stats could be broken up by time, to allow for the initial rush of plays for a new game to be differentiated from the number of plays collected by an earlier game that's been available for much more time.
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