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Re: Games with teens - In favor or not?

PostPosted: Mon, 17Oct02 18:06
by Tao Dude
As I have said in other forums, I don't have a problem with depictions of sexual activity between young people who appear to be of similar ages to each other, although I prefer the protagonists to at least appear to be of legal age, which is 16 in the UK.

Where there is a significant age difference, there is much more of an issue, particularly if one protagonist is or appears to be borderline legal. Despite the Author's best intentions to depict a consensual relationship with no element of coercion, adults keen to groom young people for sex could use these depictions to show that such relationships are the norm and use them to pressure the young person to consent when they should not be put in that sort of situation.

Given that the legal age for the depiction of sex in the US is 18 and many of their laws are extra-territorial, it's probably best to err on the side of caution.

Re: Games with teens - In favor or not?

PostPosted: Sat, 17Nov18 00:23
by CobraPL
Didn't read thread, but still... google for David Hamilton and see German TV sometimes.