Mind over Matter (v0.4)

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Mind over Matter (v0.4)

Postby Draga » Fri, 17Sep08 16:35


First of all, Mind over Matter is still in an early development stage and a lot of stuff isn't done, yet.

What's it about?
Mind over Matter is a game about a guy (or a girl) who obtains special powers and tries to use them to corrupt, control and transform others for his advantage.

Plot Synopsis

Your name is Jack Harding (or Amy Harding, if female) , you are a 32 year-old man and your life couldn't be worse. You have a boring office job that isn't going so well recently. You have no girlfriend and you live in a small apartment on the bad side of town. To make things worse, you've just been threatened with a firing if you aren't able to make more sales within the next 30 days.
Dejected by this news you make your way home. As you arrive at your apartment door a weird looking woman bumps into you and you experience all manner of images running through your mind. Soon, you can't take it anymore your world goes blank.
The next morning you wake up in your bed like nothing happened. As usual, you get yourself ready for work and leave your apartment when you see your hot neighbour getting inside her car. Like always you greet her with a: "Good morning!" But like always, she just ignores you. Then you suddenly hear something else: "Why does this creep greet me every morning? Can't he see that I don't want anything to do with him?"
Where did this come from? It sounded like your neighbour's voice but she didn't say anything? Wait. Did you just read her mind?
Can you use your new ability to turn your life for the better?

Protagonist: Male or Female (It's choosable)

Tags/Fetishes (the final game will probably have some more): Mind Control, corruption, mental changes, body changes, domination, straight, lesbian, group

Mirror 1 (Mediafire)
Mirror 2 (Mega)

I'm open for any kind of feedback and criticism you have, so don't hesitate to post anything!
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Re: Mind over Matter (v0.4)

Postby HeyChief » Sun, 17Sep10 06:32

H, I played your game as a male up to the 11th day then game just locked up. I was able to save it three (3) time the third one I was not able to load it after the lock up. Maybe it needs a little more explanation on what you (the player) can/should do at home concerning the options. Butt I thought it was quite playable. Still not sure of what I should do with the stuff I found in the store room, I could not locate then again???
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Re: Mind over Matter (v0.4)

Postby saolo996 » Thu, 17Oct12 20:17

I agree with HeyChief, quite playable, but not clear what to do sometimes! The risk is the game to be a little too much repetitive.
I experienced no bugs in loading savings...
But, hey, it has got a lot of potential!

I liked the graphics and the fast travel with the map, I didn't like the option to visit neighbour... Bringing to nothing!

Let's wait for an update.

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Re: Mind over Matter (v0.4)

Postby Tao Dude » Sat, 17Nov25 18:05

I like this game, even though it is a bit repetitive (particularly to get the work percentage to rack up).

The sex scenes are good, but as someone else pointed out, it is a bit disappointing that some choices lead to pages where the only option is to return to the previous page with no action possible.

I managed to reach the fail ending where the PC gets sacked and loses their powers, but with work racked up to 100%, the PC was not called into the bosses office to tell them that the Sales Target was reached and give a new quest.
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