Golden Age episode 1

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Re: Golden Age episode 1

Postby Vladimir Kergan » Wed, 17Apr05 12:42

Hi, i don't know if it's a bug but when i go to the inn after the scene with the beggar nothing happens. I checked this on the walkthought, if someone can help me... :)

Great game by the way.
Vladimir Kergan
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Re: Golden Age episode 1

Postby DarthMelkor » Thu, 17Apr06 20:05

tlaero wrote: Is it possible to be successful while making the games you want to make? The jury is definitely out on that.


I for one, love the games you guys are making and wouldn't want to see elements of incest or rape. I understand that finances are a major consideration and I'll still respect you, if you decide to go as per market demand. I just wish, to have more developers looking at you and trying to make games with the good story like you do, and not the other way round.

In any case, best of luck for future games and I hope more patrons decide to join you.
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