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AIF Mini-comp 2017

PostPosted: Tue, 17May09 06:40
by LostTrout
The AIF community is reviving its mini-comp tradition this year. The AIF Mini-comp is a fun competition of small adult games. Submitted games are judged by an on-line vote. It is designed to inspire both new and experienced authors to make some small games for the community to enjoy. As an event run by the Adult Interactive Fiction community, the games are usually heavily text-focused, but we are open to having games with some graphics as well. If you have some ideas for some great adult games nagging you from the back of your mind, the mini-comp is a great event for motivating you to actually make one.

The submission deadline for the contest is the end of July, 2017, but the deadline will likely be extended to the end of August.

You can find out more at the AIF Central blog.

Re: AIF Mini-comp 2017

PostPosted: Sun, 17May21 20:52
by HeyChief
Hey, thank you for announcing the new mini comp. I have enjoyed the previous years and was getting worried that I missed some thing. Again Thank you.