Leanna - Breaking the facade

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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby cypisek1233 » Fri, 17Aug25 20:19

Wow, Chaotic, I'm glad you back into those style of games: very nice, turning on story without repeating the similar pattern for each girl. The game is wonderful. Thanks! And even more respect for releasing it for free :)
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby Gallion » Fri, 17Aug25 22:22

Nice game,

The pattern is kind of similar to Betsy in some ways and I really enjoy it.
The scenario and especially some "secondary" characters such as Todd are more fanciful and ambitious I will say too.

In my opinion, the girl's design is less attractive than the Betsy game.
It feels like they have a very short body or a pretty big head, the arms seems pretty thin.
Besides that, it's still very good and we can't deny the great quality from the graphic's aspect.

So I have to say Thanks Chaotic ! Can't wait to see the next project of yours in your website.
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby Serge » Sat, 17Aug26 06:01

Brocho wrote:
Serge wrote:
Brocho wrote:
Serge wrote:Max scores :
Day2 (newday0.html) Leanna = 25 Facade = 89 Kristen = 2
Day3 (Pool0.html) Leanna = 41 Facade = 85 Kristen = 5 (Via basket ball) I choose this one
OR Leanna = 38 Facade = 84 Kristen = 5 (Via Yoga)
Day4 (Apart1.html) Leanna = 52 Façade = 76 Kristen = 5
Day5 (dream0.html) Leanna = 65 Facade = 65 Kristen = 5 (Via jogging)

To be continued....

In my experience, it's only possible to get -23 facade points between the start of the dream scene and the check at the end of the apartment, so following that path you'd be on 42 and fail the check. It's possible I've missed something, but I feel like I've tried all the options and worked out all the potential scores.

You are wrong

at sex1.html I get : Facade = 39, Leanna = 84, Kristen = 12

Ok for sex check

Which version are you playing? I was reading the Deus ExLibris walkthrough earlier and apparently my numbers are correct for version 1.2, which I assume is the one I've been playing, but you can get much lower on version 1.1. I didn't even know there were different versions, and that might be why we've been getting different results. It should be immaterial now though with the release of version 1.3.

Ooops got a mistake :

at sex1.html I get : Facade = 42, Leanna = 84, Kristen = 12 Version 1.2.
So in that version pass sex check is impossible.
In version 1.3, it is too easy.
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby Tao Dude » Sat, 17Aug26 13:00

Serge wrote:In version 1.3, it is too easy.

Only because you have been plugging away at version 1.1 and have already worked out all the Leanna pluses and Facade minuses.

I liked Leanna, although her face is slightly cartoony in a Pixar kind of way.

Chaotic's stuff is consistently good and I add my kudos for delivering another free game without staging it through the pay site, but I am waiting for DSP3000's and MrStomrper's next offerings.
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby odinoz » Mon, 17Aug28 10:40

The game is really well done, it's kinda hard without saves tho (tried on v1.1)
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby bigguy1 » Mon, 17Aug28 16:45

anybody have any advice on getting past the dinner scene? without rewriting script or anything like that
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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby john milton » Tue, 17Aug29 16:37

I’d say it was worth the wait. This is the best game you have ever made in my opinion, and you should be proud of it.

Well written and with deadly good graphics. By the way I read about your problems with I-ray, but the result is soo good I’d consider making more games with it.

I’m really enjoying the new trend you took, making story based games. It’s definitely a nice change from the date format. Keep up the good work!

Although, I’d like to point out a couple of things that in my opinion deserved a little more attention:

I think that the way you structured Leanna’s personality is much coherent and well balanced, it’s not easy to portray a character’s evolution and I’d say you did a pretty good job, she might have changed a little too quickly, but it’s nice to see that you made her notice it after the strip club scene.

What in my opinion needed more attention is the relationship between the player and Leanna.
They have sex, but there’s not a single change in the way she behaves toward him in the whole game. it’s even difficult to understand in what kind of relationship they’re into (if they are). The way they relate to each other is exactly the same from beginning to end, the only thing I could find to connotate that something is different was “morning gorgeous”. She changes her attitude toward Todd, Kirsten and in particular with herself.

I really appreciated how as the faced progressively breaks she gains confidence, and even the enthusiasm she shows the first time you have sex with her is extremely legitimate to be where it is.

However, I found the player to be a little passive in the sex scenes (only in the sex scenes, the rest was perfect from this point of view), it’s always Leanna to guide the action, she tells you what to do and when, she even teases you deliberately and I found it quite in contrast with the player’s personality.

I loved the: “Hey soldier” so much that I can’t even tell. And I laughed to dead at the: “It’s party time, bitches…” from the monk.

All in all, great work, I enjoyed it very much and thank you for making it.

I’d seriously consider not to bother making the sex and the ethnicity in the future, in a couple of months the attention on the game will decrease and the work might not be worth it. I’d consider instead making an expansion, or a bonus scene.

Thanks again Chaotic!

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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby lucky loser » Wed, 17Sep06 08:33

This is one of your best games BY FAR! I've been an offsite member for a long time.

The previous commenter has it right- Leanna's character development and the way she changes over time is really well done. Heck, pretty much everyone (except the narrator) changes- but then again, to move forward in the game, the narrator basically has to take a pretty consistent approach to everyone.

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Re: Leanna - Breaking the facade

Postby Marco6661 » Sat, 17Sep16 05:06

Bonjour Chaotic,

Big thanks for this new very nice free game. I like the pictures but first of all, the story is consistant with interesting characters. [img]images/icones/icon10.gif[/img]

I have worked on a French translation/adaptation of Leanna, Breaking the Facade during the last three weeks.
You can check your PM box for find the game's link in Fr and choose what to do with that. ;)


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