The Assistant

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The Assistant

Postby Dragonmaestro » Thu, 17Jul06 10:47

Dear gamers,

After pushing back the release date of my game over and over again (it was originally planned as a Valentines Day gift to you all… D’OH !) I finally completed my work on The Assistant. This game is slightly smaller than my previous games, though… being only 16.33 Mo.

However, I’m still very proud of what I managed to do. This game has 7 possible endings (8 if we count the alternate to #5) and 10 achievements.

I can all hear you say : what’s the storyline ? Well, in this game you play as Mandy Collins, a goth girl about to start college and currently working as an assistant to a photographer. She is cute... nah... rather drop dead gorgeous but has no lover. Will you be able to help her find true love ?

Here is a preview... for those of you who don't visit my blog... ;)

You can download the game here : ...
Or you can also download it (as well as all my other games) from my blog here :

As usual, comments are welcome ! :)
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Re: The Assistant

Postby kessie8dn » Thu, 17Jul06 15:22

Nice little game :)

Looking forward to seeing more
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