Virtual Date Girls Lucy

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Re: Virtual Date Girls Lucy

Postby djdeth » Thu, 10Dec02 00:33

I got the wnding with the dude at the bar and the blonde from the gas station/store... What's the third?
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Re: Virtual Date Girls Lucy

Postby ihutch » Thu, 10Dec02 02:08

I know the 3rd ending which is you go home alone and play with a toy ...

not sure how you get to it since i didnt figure it out but this game is fairly easy even if i have a semi completed walkthrough
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Re: Virtual Date Girls Lucy

Postby lucky loser » Thu, 10Dec02 02:58

All the problems should be solved now (downloadable version should be 1.3).

The downloadable game on VDG Offsite is labeled as version 1.2. Is that actually 1.3?
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Re: Virtual Date Girls Lucy

Postby cpt_hook » Thu, 10Dec02 03:49

Enjoyable game, especially the girl-on-girl ending. For the solo ending, save the shower until you get home, otherwise proceed much the same as the other endings.
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