Himeros Hotel - Adult Adrift Adventure 1.02

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Re: Himeros Hotel - Adult Adrift Adventure 1.02

Postby Seztworks » Tue, 18Feb13 16:09

Hiya 420andkush

Let me see what I can do for you. WIll add a spoiler below once I have found a solution for your problem.

You should have an event on the roof at midnight.
This should in turn unlock other events.
If you have completed the tome research you should also have an event in the basement hallway in the late evening. (This might not be unlocked. Depends on steps I can't see from the number. But likely.)

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Re: Himeros Hotel - Adult Adrift Adventure 1.02

Postby 420andkush » Tue, 18Feb13 17:08

ahh i see thanks for the quick reply!
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