1st time

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1st time

Postby flinter5215 » Tue, 17May30 15:59

Have been re-visiting 1st time by DaveDKW.
Am not quite old enough to have forgotten the " dare I, will she" scenario so well captured in this game.
Unfortunately this promising author seems to have dropped out of the scene.
my reason for troubling the denizens of the lagoon is that I am completely unable to get to the end of the story.
Also am intrigued to know whether progress just relies on asking for the right next step or whether you lose points for asking for too much too soon.
Many thanks to all the lagooners and especially to the stellar talent.
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Re: 1st time

Postby HeyChief » Fri, 17Jun02 05:41

Let me gat back to you as I had a walk thru for it in my archives, will have to search for it.
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