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Re: [v0.12.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Mon, 17Jul03 12:03

Hi all,

So I've been quite busy those past months and had little time to keep the post updated here but I finally have more time so here we go.

First, you might have missed the v0.13 release from last month since I was quite busy. This version introduced a new artificial intelligence (AI) for the girls which was actually kinda buggy so it's actually not that bad I didn't promote it ^^ This AI was not a really necessary step right now but because it changed a lot in term of code and XML structure for the game, it was much easier for me to do it asap. Many future features will rely on it. So what's this AI about ? It makes girls act more dynamically in the world. Now they move between locations and change their daily patterns according to different interests and hobbies as well as 3 new parameters which influence when they go to toilets, eat and take a bath.

Now we've reach v0.14 and here are the links. Note you'll need 7-zip to unzip the split files :

Download full : UPLOADED or MEGA

In case you had downloaded the v0.13.1, you'll just need to download the patch as well as rename manually some folders and images located in the scenes and characters folders :
mother => motherA
sister => sisterA
principal => principalA
demon => demonA

Download path 0.13.1 to 0.14.0 : UPLOADED or MEGA

Major changes compared to 0.12 besides the AI (check the changelog for more info) :
  • Hanae the nurse is fully playable
  • Shizuru the cop is fully playable except for her level 4 event
  • Hanae and Shizuru's apartments added to the city
  • New duo sex command for Rin + Ayumi
  • New duo sex command for Aiko + Kana in doll mode
  • New cheats added, check the walkthrough

I'm still debugging the AI as well as balancing it so if you encounter any trouble with it, don't hesitate to let me know. I'll now be back to my usual pace of about 1 release per month.

Thanks for your time !
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Re: [v0.14.0] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Tue, 17Jul04 11:19

Here is the first patch for v0.14.

To simplify my work, I decided to give a shot at centralizing all my download links to a private page. It will allow me to give only one permanent link an all posts and forums and I'll update the content of this new page directly.

Download links

This patch solves several bugs :
  • Another important issue with the AI has been solved. This should clear a strange behavior from girl who were going to wrong places at the wrong time.
  • The city map click bug has been solved. You'll be redirected to the girls status page only by clicking on their visible icons now
  • You can't cheat and teleport to girls in unknown locations
  • Some events which were not forwarding time properly are now doing it properly
  • Corrected the St Patrick trigger conditions which were completely wrong and prevented it from triggering before. Note that Sarah NEEDS to be present in the museum venue A to trigger the event.
  • The anal option during bath event has been corrected
  • A few more fixes listed in the changelog

Another small but important change for this patch is that now, some choices will impact future events and choices. For the moment only Hanae and Shizuru events level 3 are concerned and could impact which girl will become their lovers. I'll wait to see where CarpeNoctem is going with this but it seems quite interesting :p I don't have much time myself to create branches in my stories but maybe in the future :) However this should be good news for some of you who felt the game was too linear. This will give the ability to add branches to the game like classic visual novels usually do.

This patch also improves the AI behavior and solves a lot of small problems here and there. The AI correction is tricky because many different feedback can be linked to the same issue. So if you see a problem you already saw before after applying this patch, be sure to report it again so I can check it again.

On another note, I'm also checking the possibility to create a torrent for the game to make it much easier in the future to download and share it. I'm not familiar with the process yet so I'll need some time to be sure it'll work as I think it should.

As always, thanks a lot for your feedback and support !
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Re: [v0.14.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Sun, 17Jul09 12:26

Here is patch 0.14.2

Download links

Changelog :
  • Kumiko's AI updated to make more sense with her story
  • Hikari's AI updated to make it easier to trigger Ryoko's level 3 event
  • Added the remaining following time in the status page when a girl is following you
  • The default following time formula has changed from a fixed 60min to 60min per obedience level (60min at level 0, 120min at level 1 etc...) The formula will change in another version but it should make it easier like that.
  • Solved the black screen bug occurring when double clicking on a district in the city map
  • Solved the bug preventing the cheat to teleport to a girl in status page
  • Corrected Shizuru's pact event with Lily
  • Doors are now properly locked again
  • Fixed a bug in the AI where embarrassed girls would sometimes disappear from the game
  • Fixed underwear issue when using x-ray on lifeguards in swimsuits
  • More in the in-game changelog

This should solve most bugs reported and make the game AI more stable. If you still stumble upon strange AI behavior after this AI, let me know.

I uploaded a full 0.14.2 and removed the old split links to avoid the hassle it caused. If you already have 0.14.1, there is also a patch of course.

I'm planning to post a clearer roadmap regarding the future of Glassix to let you know which future will be developed and the overall spirit I want to give to the game.

There's also a sensitive subject regarding my personal situation which I'll take time to explain in a future post too.

Thanks for your time and feedback !
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Re: [v0.14.2] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Tue, 17Jul11 08:44

Hey guys, I just posted a proper roadmap to let players know what they can expect in Glassix in the future. Here is a simple copy/paste :

An important thing to understand is that all those updates are linked with each others and add more things to do in the game, not always just sex oriented. I'll also detail the impact of each release on the current gameplay so you can understand how it'll change in the future.

A second important thing to remember is that all of those are ideas for the moment and what's planned currently. They might change during development and I'm also open to suggestions if you think some of the updates or features make no sense or could be better.

Finally, I listed the updates in no specific order. Just because an update appear first doesn't mean it'll be developed first. It'll depend on what's going on and how players feel.

Now here is the list of all current updates planned for the game, I'm currently working on the Grades update for v0.15 :


Number of updates required to fully implement : 1

This update will add 5 new parameters to the main character, some of them were already visible in his status page (the names may vary later) :
  • Fitness
  • Intelligence
  • Swimming
  • Stamina
  • Grades
Each of those new parameters will possibly be used as events conditions or unlock new choices in discussions.

The three first parameters will decrease daily and you'll have to either attend class or work it by yourself in specific locations to increase the value.

The stamina will be based on your fitness (and possibly special items when such a feature is added to the game) and will be required to perform some daily tiring actions or even run. Stamina will replenish only when you sleep (at home at first and once the dating feature is added with an official girlfriend, you'll be able to sleep at her place too. Maybe an hotel will also popup so you have more spots to sleep when money is added) or will be replenished by eating food (when such a feature is added)

Running will be a new way to travel around town. You'll be able to switch it on and off with the top right menu and when you run, it'll cost you stamina but will halve all walking times (not the subway times though :p).
Many of you were annoyed you couldn't catch up a girl when she was moving around town but with running on, you'll be able to catch up.

The last parameter, grades, will change each week depending on 3 unique exams which will occur on a specific half day (surely Friday afternoon to make sense, making it mandatory if you don't want your grades to drop drastically). I still need to think about this part to avoid making it annoying for the player. When the money feature is added to the game, your weekly pocket money given by Aiko will depend on your grades :p (You'll have many other way to earn money of course)

Following players feedback, I followed their advice and will use normal events with several choices depending on your skills to simulate the exams :p

Now about the increase and decrease of those 3 new skills, here is what we planned with CarpeNoctem :

Intelligence :
  • -4 per day
  • +4 per morning class et +4 per afternoon class, no stamina cost
  • +2 per 2 hours of self study in a "knowledge" location (library for example), low stamina cost
  • +1 per 2 hours of studies in your own room, low stamina cost
  • +2 with one daily event of 2 hours with Saiko, no stamina cost
  • -1 per day
  • +10 per school lesson, low stamina cost
  • +5 per 2 hours of self training in a "swimming" location (beach or swimming pool), high stamina cost
  • +5 with one daily event of 2 hours with Sarah (or one of the 3 lifeguards), low stamina cost
  • -1 per day
  • +10 per school lesson, low stamina cost
  • +5 per 2 hours of self training in a "gym" (Training field or gym at school), high stamina cost
  • +5 with one daily event of 2 hours with Sarah, low stamina cost
  • +8 with one daily event of 2 hours with Shizuru, high stamina cost
Those values are of course subject to change but this is a first shot and it makes sense so far. This also mean on the weekly gym lesson of Thursday will be changed to a swimming lesson and with that, a new outfit for the students.

Karma & Suspicion

Number of updates required to fully implement : 1

This update will add two new global parameters for the main character which will represent how he plays the game and change several things.

  • Karma : Indicates if you played as a nice guy or a scumbag giving access to different events, mainly endings. You'll start at 100 karma and each bad actions will lower it. It'll be difficult to raise it again, this means you'll have to be careful if you want a nice guy ending. Using Lily's powers (added in the "sex energy update") will also be a cause to lose karma.
  • Suspicion : Indicates how close you are to a game over if you push things too hard with girls. Remember Lily told you doll mode shouldn't be used for more than 1h ? Currently there is no limit but with this update, many actions will raise suspicion and if you accumulate too much, it's game over.
Impact on gameplay : Medium - You'll have to decide which ending you're aiming for in the current playthrough. It'll be much easier to restart from the beginning instead of save/load like you do in other games. You'll also have to watch out for the suspicion to avoid game over.

Why this update ? Karma is necessary to give different endings obviously. Suspicion is necessary to avoid abuse from going to the dark side. Going scumbag route, the game will be much easier and to limit this, suspicion will allow the game to be a bit more complicated while going for the evil endings. Suspicion also add more sense in general.

Sex energy, Glasses upgrades & Lily's spells

Number of updates required to fully implement : 1

This update will add a new global parameter, sexual energy, which will increase each time you have sex. You can then use this energy to feed Lily (in a sexual way of course) to purchase upgrade for the glasses and several spells to make the game easier for you at the cost of karma.

  • Glasses upgrades : It will range from visual features, such as the ability to x-ray through underwear (which is already possible but will change with this update), to more classic upgrades such as more follow time with girls or unlocking new accessible levels (again, you can currently trigger all obedience events but with this update you'll have to level up the glasses)
  • Lily's spells : Spells will basically upgrade some aspects of the game for players who wants the easy way : Teleportation (it will then not be a cheat anymore), super speed, strength, stamina, intelligence (from the "Grades" update), improve a girl's affection, clear suspicion and even possibly a stop time spell. A lot can be added on this side.
Impact on gameplay : Low - Even though it adds a lot of new features, most of them are cosmetic and to make the game easier.

Why this update ? A lot of you complained I was complicating the game too much. This update will give you the choice to remove a lot of hassle from the game as well as giving a lot of new things to do. It will also give another feeling of progression as you purchase more stuff for your glasses.

Money, Items, Shops & Jobs

Number of updates required to fully implement : 1 or 2

This update will add the ability to earn money, buy items and work jobs.

  • Money : It will be earned with part time jobs, borrowing from girls, pimping girls in doll mode, pocket money & other means. The amount earned will depend on the skills from the "Grades" update or the affection of the girls
  • Items : Mainly 5 categories : Food, Drinks, Gifts, Sex toys and Outfits. You'll be able to use food to recover your stamina or feed an hungry girl to recover from hunger, give drinks which would raise the girls' bladder and trigger a "pee yourself" event, buy gifts for girl to increase affection, buy sex toys to unlock new H events and buy new outfits for girls.
  • Shops : Many stores will open in town in the form of a new "Store" icon. Clicking the icon will open the shop's menu and you'll be able to buy items
  • Jobs : There will be different kind of jobs, some good, some evil and access to them will depend on your skills from the "Grades" update. Some might also affect your Karma or Suspicion but earn a lot more.
Impact on gameplay : Important - Many new things will be added with this update possibly changing your priorities.

Why this update ? A money feature in game always bring a lot of new things to do and Glassix would gain a lot from such a feature. It also expands the "Open world" aspect I wanna give the game and will allow to add new events and functionalities to the game in a logical way.

Dating & Calendar

Number of updates required to fully implement : 2 or 3+

This update will add the ability to date girls properly and reach a romantic ending with them and many unique scenes. You'll be able to choose a girlfriend and plan dates which will have romantic and possibly a little erotic side. Choosing a girlfriend will bring some bonus, such as no loss of affection anymore, being able to sleep at her place, if she owns a car, the ability to use her to drive around. However such an update can be huge because we'll need unique events for all girls. Some events might be shared like we already do with specific text differences and a unique "Become girlfriend" event will allow you to formalize your relationship. Some cheating on the girlfriend will also be allowed if the player wishes so..

A calendar will be added to the game and girls will have official birthdays to remember. The calendar might not be 365 days, number of days would be limited to make a full year shorter and have unique events triggering once a year repeatable faster, such as birthdays, easter, christmas etc...

Impact on gameplay : Low - Even though it adds a proper relationship feature to the game, it's optional for those who wanna go the easy way.

Why this update ? To add more immersion to the game and expand again on the open world I wish to bring in Glassix.

Wardrobe management

Number of updates required to fully implement : 1

This update adds the ability to customize which outfits and underwear (you bought from the "Items" update) your girls will wear. It'll simply override the default ones. An important aspect of this update to consider is that to make it work properly, we're going to duplicate all daily scenes with girls naked and if the new outfit doesn't have its images ready, it will default to the naked images to make it up. This is why this feature will require its own update. Another thing to note is that with this update, specific outfits might be a requirement to trigger some events, for example, obedience events which have been created with the casual outfit will not trigger anymore if you changed the girl's casual outfit.

Impact on gameplay : Low - This is mainly visual satisfaction but will add a lot of variety to the game.

Why this update ? Because it's an awesome feature in any games :p


Number of updates required to fully implement : 2 or 3

As the story continues, you'll meet a new key girl and Lily will become playable under certain circumstances. The story will bring new important choices in the game and coupled with the "Karma" update, it will lead to different endings.

Impact on gameplay : Medium

Why this update ? Your guess...

Misc 1

I'll put here some small features to be added to the game which do not require their own update. They would be added with other updates depending on how much time I have for the game

  • Locomotion : Taxi and buses will help travel around town if you want to avoid using Lily's spells. You'll also be able to get a ride from girls if they own a car and they life you enough.
  • Statistics tracking : You already saw the "Cum" stats tab in the MC interface. I'll need to update the XML to track those.
  • Event inspector : There are quite a lot of events in the game now and I'd like to add a new interface to see an events' tree with all possible choices. A help icon could also appear in location where an event not played yet is possible but you don't have the right conditions yet. This would make it more intuitive for the player and make it easier for me to debug things.
  • Choices change : Like the inspector, I'd like to change how events'choices are displayed. For choices not available, instead of hiding them, a lock bar would appear with the conditions necessary to get access to this choice. For clickable choices which trigger a fail, such as not having enough affection or obedience, I'd like to change the color and add a warning popup to let the player know it might not be a good idea to try this one. The idea here is to give more information to new players so that a walkthrough would be actually already in game. It actually takes a lot of time to update the walkthrough with each version.
  • AI improvement : The AI is still not perfect and we'll work on it little by little. The idea would be to make it act less randomly but not use a frozen schedule.
  • New events : Following CarpeNoctem suggestions, we're going to add new short daily events not always sex oriented but which will allow you to interact more with the girls and raise obedience faster.

Misc 2

I'll put here some things not related directly to the game but which would be helpful. I'll work on that if I have extra time.

  • Image optimization : The game is getting big and the images are not optimized yet. The game will shrink a lot once I optimize the images, reducing their size, cropping them and removing transparent edges.
  • Game's website :Some of you might have noticed I took a proper domain for the game [url='http://www.glassix-game.com./']http://www.glassix-game.com.[/url] The game begins to be so big, I think it would make it much easier to have all informations centralized in a unique website as well as expand those information.
  • Translation interface : It's currently a bit tricky to update translations and I waste some time here. By having a proper translation interface, the XML files would be merged automatically and I could also add an automatic machine translation feature to the game in any language.

As you can see, there's a lot planned, many more months of updates there. But you should have the final picture for Glassix : an open world where you can do whatever you want and replay the game several time in different ways.
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Re: [v0.14.2] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Fri, 17Sep01 14:03

Hi everybody !

Here is Glassix v0.15.1 PUBLIC download.

Download links

What's new ?
  • Grades feature added
  • 3 new skills to improve : academic, fitness and swimming
  • Added stamina to the game
  • Enabled cum in girls statistics
  • Added new cheats
  • 2 new extra girls : Iyo, a police woman and Miwa, school nurse
  • Blowjob events have been updated to add cum in/cum out choices
  • Shizuru obedience level 4 event added
  • New unique event for Shizuru in the mall girl toilets

Glassix BETA v0.16 is a bit delayed and should be out next week.
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Re: [v0.15.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Mon, 17Oct09 03:16

Hi all !

Here is Glassix 0.16.2 PUBLIC :

Donwload links

What's new ?
  • Story has been advanced
  • Lily becomes playable
  • New erotic events added at low levels (0 and 1) to speed up obedience grind
  • Lily obedience level 1 and 2
  • Lily basic sex commands : handjob (standing and chair), boobjob, blowjob
  • New sex commands for bed and chair
To proceed with the story, just go to street K once the second week starts.

Glassix 0.17 PUBLIC will be released at the end of this month.
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Re: [v0.16.2] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Wed, 17Nov01 09:16

Hi all !

Here is Glassix 0.17 PUBLIC :

Download links

What's new :
  • Lily obedience level 3 and 4
  • Lily commands level 3 and 4
  • Utako obedience level 1 and 2
  • Utako commands level 1 and 2
  • Kumiko obedience level 1 and 2
  • Kumiko commands level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi obedience level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi commands level 1 and 2
  • Yatsumi's house added in Downtown Bakery Street
  • Utako's and Kumiko's apartment added in Downtown Street J
Enjoy !
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Re: [v0.17.1] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Sat, 17Dec09 06:11

Hi all !

Here is Glassix 0.18 PUBLIC :

Download links

What's new :
  • Wardrobe management added
  • Yatsumi obedience level 3
  • Kumiko obedience level 3
  • Handjob command for bed and chair
  • All scenes images have been optimized to reduce the game size
About the wardrobe management :

To access it, you need to bring the girl to either her room or a public female changing room (In bathhouse, Aquatic park, Beach or School gym) and talk to her. A new option, Wardrobe management, will appear and let you choose what outfit the girl will wear during specific periods.

There are 4 periods at the moment : Casual, Work, Swimsuit and At home.

There are 6 possible outfits for all girls (except Lily which only has the 2 first) : Casual, Work, Swimsuit, Bath towel, Underwear and Naked (you need to get the girl in underwear or swimsuit and choose to go pantiless to get her naked)

Students have 2 extra outfits : Gym cloth and School swimsuit.

Each outfit requires a certain of audacity from the girl depending on the period and her obedience level. Girls will be more likely to wear sexy outfit at home than at work. And of course, certain outfits require more audacity to be accepted, as well as going pantiless. You'll see the outfit audacity and max audacity possible for the period in the new interface. The formula is quite simple so you should figure it out pretty easily. It's quite close to what I explained before :p

The outfit will be reflected during the girls daily life and daily commands, however unique events such has obedience level will still show the original outfit. This is simply because handling those variations would just be way too much work so only the images of daily events have been updated. Same goes for pantiless outfit, the underwear will still show because too many possible variations otherwise.

If the outfit does not have the proper images ready yet, it will default to the naked variation. This will be visible for the school swimsuit and underwear outfits which are currently missing a few images but that shouldn't be too troublesome.

About the images optimization :

Following some patrons advices, I decided to optimize the images and processed all the scenes images. There is some slight quality loss in result but it has roughly been reduced by 66% which means the game has gone from ~5.2Gb to ~1.8Gb in size even though the amount of new images for this update reach about 2700+ new images which makes it worth the quality loss. I know it's mainly duplicated images with alternate outfits nevertheless it's still a pain in the ass to create them ^^ That's why I'm more than happy to migrate to 3D assets with Lust Complex in the future :p

About new commands :

Following the last polls, players voted to have new commands. This update contains 2 of them which are variations of the handjob for the bed and chair. In the future, we'll try to create more unique commands so be patient.

I tried to test this new version as much as I could to avoid bugs but due to the type of content, there might be some events or situation which might still be quite buggy so let me know if you encounter any trouble with this update.

Major known bugs which will be solved in 0.19 at the end of the month :
  • Lily still requires girl each Sunday even after she tells you she won't
  • A few other bugs reported but not game breaking so far.

Have fun !
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Re: [v0.18] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby Gaweb Studio » Thu, 18Feb01 15:55

Hi all,

Here is Glassix 0.20 PUBLIC release ! (Forgot to post baout 0.19 last month :x)

Download links

What's new :
  • Story completed
  • Anael obedience levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Kumiko level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • Utako level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • Yatsumi level 4 with related commands, toilets, bath and night options
  • New extra girl : Emiri, Strip club barmaid
  • New extra girl : Shiho, business woman
  • New unique event for Naomi related to Rin's birth
  • New anal option for Yatsumi threesome
About the story :

With this update, the story reaches its end. Just level up Anael to level 4 to proceed with the story. You'll have to make a choice between Anael or Lily which will then unlock a new option when talking to girls to trigger their unique endings. Two endings per girl : good or bad depending on who you chose. Beware that proceeding with the last story event will make Lily and Anael disappear from the game even though you'll still be able to play the game. This means any event related to one of those 2 girls will not be accessible anymore, like the pact events to get the doll mode option for a girl.

Depending on the girl you chose, the condition to trigger the ending will be different. With Anael good endings, you'll have to reach maximum affection with a girl. The current max affection is 100 which should be pretty easy to reach. However this will change with the Dating feature and make it a little more entertaining to raise affection as well as choosing one official girlfriend among all the girls which will become the new requirement for good ending. If you choose Lily bad ending, you'll have to grind until 200 obedience points. With the Lily's spells feature, grinding such an amount of obedience should be much faster. So basically, the mechanic of what you have now will change a bit once the game is completed but not the content itself. I know usually, all features are implemented first but Glassix being in the work for so long, a lot of new things have been thought over the course of development and carefully analyzed before adding it to the list of potential features. I hope you can understand.

The endings are not done yet and will require an update of their own to complete, maybe 2. A poll will be started with all previous remaining options plus the endings so you will be able to vote for the content you want to be added first.

Enjoy !
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Re: [v0.20] Glassix - 2D hentai game

Postby blevins29 » Sun, 18Feb11 21:46

I've not been able to get the level 1 action (secret stream?) with Shizuru to work. By reading the supplied walkthrough it says to be at Beach A at 6 pm on a weekend. I've done that and waited until she arrives in her swimsuit at 6:20 and nothing happens. I've tried having her follow me there at 6 and nothing happens. I can't progress with her or finish Hanae until I can trigger that event. Three other problems I have: 1) I could not get the key to Naomi's study room and had to use the double click cheat to enter that room and get all 4 level actions with her. 2) Kumiko's 2nd option when I take her from class to the alley freezes the entire game. Deep throat me works but turn around freezes the game. 3) I worked Kana up to max without using any cheats but never got the level 4 event of her sleeping in my room. She has 4/4 obedience buy no level 4 hint or action. Any suggestions?Finally found the secret stream and maxed out Shizuru and Hanae. Still have the other 3 problems PLUS I read in the walkthrough about a change of school uniforms that I can't get to work???
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