- Terms of use

After the activation of your account, as a first step, you must introduce yourself in the “Introduction” section. It’s a sign of respect for the other members of the community. After that, you will be able to participate in the discussions in all the sections. Thank you!


1 - Respect of legality
The following content is prohibited:
- Images featuring models under 18 years old
- Images portraying bestiality
- Images and other media, which could discriminate against nationality,race, sex, sexual orientation, religious creed, or mental/physical handicaps of individual persons or groups.

2 - Respect of intellectual property :
- NO direct links of files hosted by other sites (.exe, .swf...), the links must point towards a Web page (HTML, php...).
- NO direct link of copyrighted images.
- NO direct link of cracked games or illegal patches. You may post a link to a site or a forum which contains these games but please do not reproduce any part of these sites or information they contain.

3 - Respect of other members :
- Before creating a new subject, please check that a similar subject has not already been created.
- Don’t post images and other media, which could discriminate against nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation religious creed, or mental/physical handicaps of individual persons or groups.
- Always remember that the Lagoon brings together people who seek fun and recreation. Be respectful in your discussions and polite to each other.
- In order to make searches easier for everyone, choose an explicit title for a new topic, that gives information about its contents. Avoid simple titles, like ’question’, ’new game’, ’check this’, etc...
- You are in a forum and not a chat room, so remember that you have time to write your posts! Write complete sentences. Don’t use texting or instant messaging language. This is important because this forum brings together many people who speak languages other than your own!

As a user you should agree to these rules. Furthermore you agree to the fact that neither The New Lagoon nor the phpBB Group shall be held responsible for any content provided by you in these forums.

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